Major Attractions of Naadam Festival Mongolia 2015

Each year thousands of Mongolian people celebrate Naadam festival which is their biggest national festival and the National holiday. Traditionally talking about the inside of festival it’s an amazing exhibition of three fantastic classical arts of Mongolian people – The horse riding, archery and representation of strength the wrestling. Naadam festival Mongolia has grown over the past few years to emerge as the biggest celebration of its traditional culture. Naadam actually means a festival or a fest which has adventures sports activities. This festival is well known with the local name “Eriin Gurvan Naadam”. In Ulaanbaatar, the Naadam festival gives opportunity to its viewers to admire their beautiful colourful celebrations and witness their prominent sports while the festivals at countryside allow their lovers to participate as well as to deal with the locals. The Naadam festival starts with a traditional parade of beautiful horse the symbolic parade of “nine banners of Great Mongol Empire” starting from the Government house which finally ends at Naadam stadium, followed by a speech by Mongolian president and traditional performance of different arts. During the festival days, the city have endless things to explore like archery, wrestling, anklebone shooting and races of horses which are organised in the open fields along with the exhibitions of art work, different folklore competitions, drinks as well as food. 

Wrestling: Wrestlers in the festival wear special dresses to show their strength and beauty of their bodies. The strange thing you will notice here will be no categorization done according to weight of wrestlers which add charm to this amazing activity. The basic rule of wrestling done here is the number of wrestlers should be equal: 512 or may be 1024 in special anniversaries or occasions. The wrestlers which are ranked high choose another wrestler from the low ranked wrestlers as their competitor. The winners remain in the competition and the loser has to leave the competition.  

Horse race: There are six different racing categories depending to the age of the horses participating, starting from 2 years-old to fully built horses. The horse races are planned outside the Ulaanbaatar region in the open area. For small horses distance of race is 15 km whereas for fully-grown horses it is 30 km. These races are well performed by jockeys of very small age.  They prefer to be a part of race without saddles which offer them speed as they are light weighted. There are number of attractions in Naadam festival Mongolia which will pull your attention inside the racing field such as beautiful folk and other horse shows etc. 

Archery: With the time there are some changes in the Naadam festival Mongolia. From last few years women can also participate most of the competitions and activities except the wrestling which is especially organised for men’s. Archery is open for women, who draw at least 20 arrows at a distance of 60 meters which is the target, while men need to shoot at least 40 arrows at a long distance of about 75 meters which is the target. Mongolia tour will also take you to several other cultural festivals where you can admire the colourful traditions, dance forms, creative art of rich Mongolian culture. 


Naadam Festival 2015 will be celebrated July 11-13, 2015 by Mongolians in National Sports Stadium.

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Naadam Festival Mongolia 2015 

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It is an eye catching waterfall that is situated on Ulaan River. This waterfall is a finest spot of watching birds and doing fishing. There you can also visit horsemen family. There you can get a chance to feel the life they life and also know about their culture and traditions. 

Waterfall Ulaan Tsutgalan Orkhon Mongolia

Ugii Lake is situated 1.336 m above the Ugii Soum sea level in Arkhangai aimag. It approximately covered 25 sq km, and it is called for its reach bird and large number of fishes present there The most common fishes that you can see there are catfish, pike, barscharten. And in birds you can watch Swan Goose, Dalmatian Pelican and White Spoonbill. It is a very enjoyable place. 

Ugii Lake mongolia

When you visit Mongolia, never forget to visit nomadic family. Mongolia is counted in those rare countries where you can see nomadic people living. Mongolians have lots of love for horses. They find horse their best friend. They consist of different culture and traditions and it will be quiet interesting to see all that. Nomadic family is a major part of Mongolia. Those people are very loving in nature and will always welcome you with warm heart. So you can Book Naadam festival 2015 tour and get opportunity to explore Mongolia.

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Waterfall Ulaan Tsutgalan (Orkhon)

Ugii Lake

Visit to a nomad family

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